【TOEIC600点以上を目指す】英単語50個一覧 例文と品詞から学ぶ


TOEIC 600点を目指すための英単語50選


番号 品詞 単語 意味 例文
1 名詞 agenda 議題 The next item on the agenda is the budget.
2 名詞 appointment 約束 I have an appointment with the doctor at 3 p.m.
3 名詞 budget 予算 We need to stick to the budget.
4 名詞 candidate 候補者 She is a strong candidate for the job.
5 名詞 client 顧客 We need to keep our clients happy.
6 名詞 colleague 同僚 I get along well with my colleagues.
7 名詞 complaint 苦情 We received a complaint about the noise.
8 名詞 contract 契約 We signed a contract with the supplier.
9 名詞 deadline 締め切り The deadline for the project is next Friday.
10 名詞 department 部署 He works in the sales department.
11 名詞 discount 割引 They are offering a 10% discount on all items.
12 名詞 document 書類 Please sign this document.
13 名詞 employee 従業員 The company has over 1,000 employees.
14 名詞 feedback 反応 We need to get feedback from our customers.
15 名詞 headquarters 本社 The company’s headquarters is in New York.
16 名詞 invoice 請求書 Please send me an invoice for the work.
17 名詞 itinerary 旅程 Here is a copy of your itinerary.
18 名詞 negotiation 交渉 The negotiations are going well.
19 名詞 objective 目的 The objective of the meeting is to discuss the budget.
20 名詞 participant 参加者 There were over 100 participants at the conference.
21 名詞 policy 方針 The company has a strict no-smoking policy.
22 名詞 presentation プレゼンテーション I have to give a presentation to the board tomorrow.
23 名詞 priority 優先事項 My top priority is to finish this project.
24 名詞 procedure 手順 Please follow the procedure carefully.
25 名詞 profit 利益 The company made a profit of $1 million last year.
26 名詞 proposal 提案 We submitted a proposal to the client.
27 名詞 refund 払い戻し I would like a refund for the defective product.
28 名詞 regulation 規制 There are strict regulations on food safety.
29 名詞 reservation 予約 I made a reservation at the restaurant for 7 p.m.
30 名詞 revenue 収入 The company’s revenue increased by 10% last year.
31 名詞 schedule 予定 I have a busy schedule today.
32 名詞 strategy 戦略 We need to develop a new marketing strategy.
33 名詞 survey 調査 We conducted a survey of customer satisfaction.
34 名詞 task 仕事 I have a lot of tasks to complete today.
35 名詞 venue 開催地 The venue for the conference is the Hilton Hotel.
36 動詞 arrange 手配する I will arrange a meeting for next week.
37 動詞 attend 出席する I will attend the conference next month.
38 動詞 confirm 確認する Please confirm your attendance at the meeting.
39 動詞 contact 連絡する Please contact me if you have any questions.
40 動詞 decline 断る I had to decline the invitation due to a scheduling conflict.
41 動詞 develop 開発する We are developing a new product.
42 動詞 discuss 話し合う We need to discuss the budget.
43 動詞 improve 改善する We need to improve our customer service.
44 動詞 inform 知らせる Please inform me of any changes.
45 動詞 participate 参加する I would like to participate in the project.
46 動詞 postpone 延期する The meeting has been postponed until next week.
47 動詞 recommend 推薦する I recommend this restaurant.
48 動詞 reduce 減らす We need to reduce our costs.
49 動詞 register 登録する Please register for the conference online.
50 動詞 submit 提出する Please submit your report by Friday.



  • 単語帳を活用: TOEIC対策用の単語帳を選び、計画的に学習を進めましょう。
  • 例文と合わせて覚える: 単語の意味だけでなく、例文を通して使い方を理解しましょう。
  • 繰り返し復習する: 覚えた単語を定期的に復習し、記憶に定着させましょう。
  • 文脈の中で覚える: 英語の記事やニュースを読んだり、リスニング練習をする中で、単語を実際に使われている場面に触れましょう。


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